Tuesday, May 5, 2009



~ Faith said...

He's so serious looking!


jos said...

hi there :D

i just wanted to say you have a great project going on, you are a rare breed, in deed, and a very beautiful one i may add

since long i can remember i've had a fixation on differences between human pigmentations, right now i'm trying white hair (total lack of pigments) and i'm quite fond of it :P

also, for some time now, i've had a huge crush on a cranberry dark redhead chemist, his hair just hypnotises me, and he has the most wonderful beard i've ever seen, all in the same tone, i can hardly believe it's natural, but it is

i should stop ranting about my love life now :P

anyway, i hope to see new pictures soon, and it would be lovely to see your exhibition here in mexico


Annie R said...

Love the blog. It's a myth that we're a dying breed though... no panic.

Giselle said...

Very very attractive!